Final Project Presentations

General Comments

The final project presentations will all be held in the 212 WVH lab during the lecture time on Thursday, June 24th, 2010. Attending the presentation will allow you to see different programming styles, hear the comments of the instructor about the project design and implementation, will give you an opportunity to comment on your peer's projects, and will show you the breadth of ways how projects of this three different types can be designed.

Please, read carefully the instructions for what materials to prepare for the presentation, how to set up before the presentation, and how your presentation should be organized.

Project Documentation

The documentation for your project should consist of the following three parts:

Bring two copies of the User's Guide and Design Overview to the presentation. You will give one to the instructor and the presenters should have a paper copy to look at when there are questions.

Project Presentation

The presentations are scheduled to last 12 minutes each with no break between the presentations. That means, when you time comes, you should be fully prepared to start, with all projects configured, web pages loaded, the application ready to run. At home make a list of all that you will need to do, package the files you need, save them in at least two different locations (e.g. you and your partner's myFiles) and know how to get all started using either one of the lab machines, or your own laptop. If you plan to use your laptop, make sure you have the power supply, the projection cable (if the regular Windows style does not work for you), have a backup plan, in case that fails, know how to use your laptop with the projection.

In the lab we will have several projectors, so that while one group is presenting another one or two groups can be preparing for the presentation. That way you will have time to set up your computer, open the Eclipse, the web browser, add the settings for Eclipse projects (libraries), and briefly test drive your presentation.

The presentation itself will consist of the following segments:

Project Evaluation

We will evaluate both the code submitted to the server and the different aspects of the actual presentation. For some parts of the evaluation both partners earn the same points, for some parts of the presentation each partner's contribution will be assessed separately - with points earned awarded to each partner individually.

The presentation will be assessed by evaluating the following:

The code will be graded on the design clarity, test coverage, documentation, and aesthetics.

Posted: June 21, 2010 10:50 pm