Practice Problems
Problem 1: Function objects, sorting
Problem 2: Function objects, binary search trees

Assignment 6

Goals: Practice working with function objects; understand binary search trees.


The names of the projects and some of the project files must be exactly the same as specified in the assignment. Make sure you follow the specific submission instructions for each assignment.

Also make sure you follow the style guidelines as published in a separate document.

You will submit this assignment by the deadline using the Web-CAT submission system.

With each homework you will also submit your log file named pairxxx.txt where you replace xxx with your pair number.

On top of every file you submit you will have the names of both partners, and the pair number.

The .txt file will be the log of your work on this assignment. Each log entry will have data and time, who was present (one or both of the partners) and a short comment decribing what you were working on.

Submission instructions:

Due Date: Thursday, February 21st, 11:59 pm.

Practice Problems

Work out these problems on your own. Save them in an electronic portfolio, so you can show them to your instructor, review them before the exam, use them as a reference when working on the homework assignments.

Finish the following problems from Lab 6:

Problem 1: Function objects, sorting

This problems is a follow-up on the work you have done in the last lab. You already have the files that represent a list of ImageFiles. Start a new project that includes these files,you may reuse the sample data you have defined for your lab project.

Now do the following:

Problem 2: Function objects, binary search trees

You will work with a binary search tree that represents a collection of Book objects. Remember, a binary search tree represents an ordered collection of data where each node holds one data item and has links to two subtrees, such that all data items in the left subtree come before the current data item and all data items in the right subtree coma after the current data item.

The tree with no data is representes as a leaf.

Start a new project and define in it the class that represents a Book as shown in the class diagram below. We want to keep track of the books in seeral different ordered ways - by title, by author, and by price.

The following class diagram should help you.


                 | abstract class ABST   |


      +----------| IBookComparator order |

      |          +-----------------------+

      |                 / \

      |                 ---

      |                  |

      |      -----------------

      |      |               |

      |   +------+   +------------+

      |   | Leaf |   | Node       |

      |   +------+   +------------+

      |              | Book data  |--------+

      |              | ABST left  |        |

      |              | ABST right |        |

      |              +------------+        |

      |                                    v

      v                            +---------------+

+-------------------------------+  | Book          |

| IBookComparator               |  +---------------+

+-------------------------------+  | String title  |

| int compare(Book b1, Book b2) |  | String author |

+-------------------------------+  | int price     |