1 Instructions
Problem 1
Problem 2
Problem 3
Version: 5.2.1

Assignment 1

Goals: Review the design recipes, work with inexact numbers, review the design of loops using the accumulator style.

1 Instructions

Submit a .zip file that contains two files. A hw1.rkt file and a hw1.txt file.

On top of both files you will have four lines of comments as follows:

;; assignment 1

;; pair xxx

;; partner1-last-name partner1-first-name

;; partner1-username

;; partner2-last-name partner2-firt-name

;; partner2-username

(In the text file you do not need the semi-colons)

The .txt file will be the log of your work on this assignment. Each log entry will have data and time, who was present (one or both of the partners) and a short comment decribing what you were working on.

If you are having problems with your partner, please, email the log to your instructor and request a meeting. We want to make sure that any partnership problems are resolved as soon as possible.

Due Date: Tuesday, January 15 13th, 11:59 pm.

Problem 1

Finish the problem with the mazes from the lab.

Design the following additional methods:

Problem 2

Design the following methods (continuing the problem that dealt with distances traveled through a list of Posns):

Problem 3

Finish the Problem 2 from Section 3 of Lab 1 (the data definitions needed to implement the function computeToll, as well as the function itself.