CS 2510 Spring 2011 : Lecture Notes/Code

Lecture #TopicLink(s)
1 Review and Accumulatorslecture-01.rkt
2 Data Definitons and FunJava Lecture_02.java
3 Data and Method Definitions Lecture_03.java
4 Recipe, Methods, Unions, Recursion, If Lecture_04_1.java (Loc/IShapes)
Lecture_04_2.java (Trains)
5 More Methods for Unions and Lists Lecture_05.java
6 Representing Lists, and Sorting Lecture_06.java
7 Abstract Classes and JavaWorlds Lecture_07_1.java (Person, Abstraction)
Lecture_07_2.java (Rockets, Balloons)
rocket.png Image
flame.png Image
8+ Designing the Snake Game in Java SnakeGame.java
Simple Blob Game Lecture_08.java (A simple game)
9 Constructor Overloading, Integrity Exceptions Lecture_09.java
10 Function-Classes/Objects (1) Lecture_10.java
11 Function-Classes/Objects (2) Lecture_11.java
12 Equality via double-dispatch Lecture_12_1.java
Equality via safe-casting Lecture_12_2.java
13 Mutation and Effects Lecture_13.java
State Change: motivation Lecture_13_1.java
State Change: single class Lecture_13_2.java
State Change: changing the list Lecture_13_3.java
State Change: using a list wrapper Lecture_13_4.java
14 Circular Data Lecture_14_1.java (Movie-Actor)
Lecture_14_1_a.java (Book-Author)
Circular Data with Lists Lecture_14_2.java (Movies-Actors)
Lecture_14_2_a.java (Books-Authors)
15 Type ParametersLecture: TypeParameters.zip
16+ Parametrized Types (again) Lecture_16.java
Cowabunga Example with JavaWorld Functional: Cowabunga.java
Mutation: VoidCowabunga.java
Cowabunga Example with AndroidWorld Source: AndroidCowabunga.java
APK Install: AndroidCowabunga.apk
Android SDK/Eclipse Project: AndroidProject.zip
17 ArrayLists and Binary Search Lecture_17.java
18 ArrayList Wrappers, Traversal, Stacks, and Queues Lecture_18.java
19 Morning: ArrayList Wrappers, Traversal, Stacks, and Queues Lecture_18_M.java
Afternoon: Queue with Stacks, Review, Accumulators Lecture_19_A.java
E-2 Exam Review Review.java
20 Loops, While, and For Lecture_20.java
21 Counted Loops, For-each, and Iterators Lecture_21.java
22 Iterable ConsLists, Making a Shammy-rock Lecture_22.java
23 HashMaps, HashCodes, and Equality Lecture_23.java
24 Graphs and Paths - 1 Lecture_24.java
27/28 Sorting Complexity Demonstration Lecture_28.java
29 Expressions and Equations Lecture_29.java