1 Getting started
2 Lessons
Version: 5.2.1

Lab 5b


The goal of this lab is to learn how to use the javalib game library to design an interactive game.

1 Getting started

Create a project OceanGame and import into it the file OceanWorld.java.

Download the javalib.jar file, save it with the tester.jar file in the same folder, and add the javalib.jar to the classpath for your project.

Download the images the OceanWorld game uses from OceanImages.zip unzip the file and add teh images to the your Eclipse project folder (so the images are in the same folder as the src and bin folders of your project.

Run the game the way you usually run a project.

2 Lessons

Use this example to figure out how to design and test the random behavior of the game objects.

Add code to end the game either on tick or on key event. The BlobWorld example as well as the TickyTack example both illustrate two ways of ending the game.

Ask questions if this does not answer your questions about desingning games.