Practice Problems
Problem 1
Problem 2
Version: 5.2.1

Assignment 4

Goals: Apply you design skills to a real problem.

Learn to work with libraries provided by an outside programmer.


The names of the projects and some of the project files must be exactly the same as specified in the assignment. Failure to do so makes it impossible for the graders to run your submission and results in immediate loss of at least 50% of the homework credit.

Make sure you follow the style guidelines for code indentation.

You will submit this assignment by the deadline using the Web-CAT submission system. We will be practicing its use during the lab next week.

With each homework you will also submit your log file named pairxxx.txt where you replace xxx with your pair number.

On top of every file you submit you will have the names of both partners, and the pair number.

The .txt file will be the log of your work on this assignment. Each log entry will have data and time, who was present (one or both of the partners) and a short comment decribing what you were working on.

Due Date: Friday, October 5th, 9:59 pm.

Practice Problems

Work out these problems on your own. Save them in an electronic portfolio, so you can show them to your instructor, review them before the exam, use them as a reference when working on the homework assignments.

Problem 1

Finish Problem 1 from Lab 4 and hand it in.

Problem 2

Design and implement a graphics-based interactive game for one player with the following features:

The Design Process

Note: You may want to design the game with just on of the multiple objects and once that works, modify it by adding multiple objects. So, for example, design the UFO game with one shot, then change it to include multiple shots later.

When you are done, make the game ready to be deployed. That means, it can be shipped to an arbitrary game player, and it can be shipped to the game development company for further upgrades and maintenance. SO, in addition to the source code for teh game, you need to provide two documents:

Make sure the class that represents your game is named Fundies2Game and that you include in this class the method

boolean run(){

  MyGame game = new MyGame(......);




so that our script can run your game.

Name your Examples class ExamplesFundies2Game

Place all .java files, the images your program uses, and the two documents into one folder and zip this folder into a file named Submit the zipped file.