Problem 1
Version: 5.2.1

Assignment 12

Goals: Learn to work with and test void methods; generate and traverse (musical) sequences of data, practice design and esting skillsl have fun.


The names of the projects and some of the project files must be exactly the same as specified in the assignment. Failure to do so makes it impossible for the graders to run your submission and results in immediate loss of at least 50% of the homework credit.

Make sure you follow the style guidelines for code indentation.

You will submit this assignment by the deadline using the Web-CAT submission system.

With each homework you will also submit your log file named pairxxx.txt where you replace xxx with your pair number.

On top of every file you submit you will have the names of both partners, and the pair number.

The .txt file will be the log of your work on this assignment. Each log entry will have data and time, who was present (one or both of the partners) and a short comment decribing what you were working on.

Due Date - First Complete Working Version: Sunday, December 2nd, 11:59 pm, so I can prepare for the code review on Monday morning and Wednesday morning.

Due Date - Final Version: After the code review, hearing comments on your program, you will then have a chance to make additional changes and corrections, with the final version due on Wednesday, December 5th, 11:59 pm.

Problem 1

Revise the game you have submitted as Assignment 9 by adding sound: a background music, sounds that are triggered by some game evants such as collision, object being caught, etc.

Make sure you examine the sample code to see how to design tests for the music and sound.

The web site javalib/World has tutorials on the use of the sound library and the sound worlds.

The latest code and downloads are at the The sources there also illustrate the testing of the sounds and music.

Please, use the new version of the javalib-1.0.3.jar library.

Here is a link to the revised version of the program that includes tests for the music part of the program.

Two additional samle programs will help you understand how to generate music and how to test that is has been generated as expected: and

Make sure you include in your submission any images that your program uses.

During the last two lectures we will have presentations of all games, with a code review of the code for the games.