CS 2510 Fundamentals of Computing and Programming 2 Portfolio

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You may delete these instructions from your portfolio page.

This is a sample web page for organizing your portfolio. Edit the page source to match your file names and your portfolio organization.

For the review, be ready to show the source code for all the problems listed below. You may show the code on a web page, as FunJava text file, in Eclipse, or any other editor, as long as it is readable and preserves the indentation.

Additionally, be ready to run the following programs:

You may substitute your homework solutions for the portfolio problems, provided your grade for the corresponding assignment was better than 75%.

For your own benefit you may include in the portfolio your solutions to all labs and assignments.

Assignment 1: Accumulator-Style Program Design

Assignment 2: Designing Classes

Assignment 3: Methods for Simple Classes

Assignment 4: Understanding Complex Data

Assignment 5: Equality, Constructors, Extending Classes

Standard Java: