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5  Abstracting over Data Definitions, Methods

Portfolio Problems

Work out as complete programs the following exercises from the textbook. You need not work out all the methods, but make sure you stop only when you see that you really understand the design process.


Convert the following problems so you can run them in Eclipse.

  1. Problem 15.8 on page 175

  2. Problem 15.11 on page 176

Pair Programming Assignment

Note: Please,use the latest version of tester. It has been posted on October 8, 2009.

5.1  Problem

Complete Part 4.1 of the Lab 4, dealing with bank accounts. Convert the whole program to run in Eclipse.

Hand in the solution after you have designed all abstractions.

5.2  Problem

Convert the game you have worked on so that it runs in Eclipse.

Please, consult the wiki for instructions how to differentiate between running the tests for the game program and running the game itself.

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