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1  Understanding Data

1.1  Problem (2.1)

Translate the three examples of information from the GPS problem into instances of GPSLocation.

Copy the class definitions from the textbook and show the examples as data in the Examples class.

What is the meaning of new GPSLocation(50.288, 0.11) in this context? Include your answer as a block comment in the file that holds the rest of the problem answers. Solution

1.2  Problem (2.1 - into HtDP)

Write down the data definitions for the information from the GPS problem and translate your examples of this data into the Beginner HtDP language. Solution

1.3  Problem (2.2 - modified)

Take a look at this problem statement:

Develop a program that assists a bookstore manager. The program should keep a record for each book. The record must include its book, the author's name, its price, and its publication year.

Design the data definition in the Beginner HtDP language that represents the information for the bookstore manager and provide data examples of the following three books:

Daniel Defoe, Robinson Crusoe, $15.50, 1719;
Joseph Conrad, Heart of Darkness, $12.80, 1902;
Pat Conroy, Beach Music, $9.50, 1996

Develop an appropriate class diagram and implement it as a Java class. Create instances of the class to represent the same three books. Solution

| ClockTime                  |
| int hour /* 24 hr clock */ |
| int minute                 |

Figure: A class diagram for recording the time of day

1.4  Problem

Translate the class diagram in figure 1.3 into a class definition. Also create instances of the class. Solution

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