CS1500 Algorithms and Data Structures for Engineering, FALL 2012

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 This is an introductory course in Algorithms (1/3) and DataStructures (1/3) using the C++ language(1/3). Topics that will be covered include: basic algorithms like sorting, searching and graph traversals; arrays, matrices, linked lists, stacks and queues, hashes; parameters, local variables, call by value and call by reference, writing code to specifications, function declarations, definitions and calls, pointers, classes and objects, fields, methods, constructors, inheritance, polymorphism.

Lectures : Mon,Wed,Thu 8AM-9:05AM, WVH rooms 108 and 110.

Virgil Pavlu, vip@ccs.neu.edu
    * office hours : Wed 6pm-8pm, WVH room 210.

Jose Annunziato
, jannunzi@gmail.com
    * office hours : Thu 4pm-6pm, WVH room 310.
Rohan Garg
Morteza Dilgir
Huadong Li

    mandatory : 2:50-4:30pm, Mon, WVH rooms 210, 212 (Rohan, Morteza)
    optional: 6-10pm Wed, WVH room 210
(Huadong, Morteza)
    optional: 9AM-1PM Sunday, VVH room 210

    mandatory : 2:50-4:30pm, Wed, WVH rooms 210, 212
(Rohan, Morteza)
    optional: 6-10pm,Thu, WVH room 210 (Rohan, Huadong)
     optional: 9AM-1PM Sunday, VVH room 210

All optional sessions: you have to show up early. If no student shows up in the first 15-20 minutes, the TA(s) might leave. If you need help but cant make it early, please arrange by email a meeting with a TA or instructor.


Recommended (not required):  Starting out with C++ From Control Structures through Objects,  by Tony Gaddis

It is possible to receive a grade of A in the course without purchasing or reading the textbook. Students will be quizzed and graded on the material presented in the classroom. It is also important to note that the course usually follows the book but there might  be some material that is not presented in the book. However, if you are unsure of your ability to pick up the course concepts from the class, or if you intend to use C++ professionally (more students do so than you may realize), the textbook is well worth the investment.

Prerequisite: GEU 111 Engineering Problem Solving and Computation
Co-requisite: CS1501 Lab for Algorithms and Data Structures


Even if some work is accepted late, nothing can be accepted after December 3rd.