CS1500 Algorithms and Data Structures for Engineering, FALL 2012

 LAB 3:Tower of Hanoi

Write a program that solves the Tower of Hanoi problem. To begin with, you are given three towers named A, B and C. There are n pegs (n is an input) placed on tower A, while towers B and C are empty. The pegs are numbered 1 through n and pegs are placed in order. (Peg numbered n is at the bottom, peg numbered n − 1 is on top of that, and so on with peg numbered 1 being at the top.) Your task is to transfer all the pegs from tower A to tower B.

The rules for peg transfer are the following:
Write a program that takes n as input and prints out the sequence of steps to perform to transfer n pegs from tower A to tower B. Each step should be a move that tells which peg is being transferred from which tower (source) to which tower (destination). Of course, each step should be a valid step as per the above-mentioned rules.

For this assignment, you are required to implement a recursive solution