Office: Leahy 102

Email: mayberry ( at ) usna ( dot ) edu
Phone: 293-0949

About Me

I am an Assistant Professor in the Cyber Security department at the US Naval Academy. My research interests include cryptographic protocols, cloud security and privacy, homomorphic encryption, multiparty computation and secure voting

I receieved my PhD in Computer Science from Northeastern University, where I worked with Agnes Chan and Erik-Oliver Blass. My disseration was on practical Oblivious RAM protocols for private data outsourcing.

At the University of Maryland, Baltimore County I worked with Alan Sherman on the Scantegrity project.


SY301 - Fall 2015

SI110 - Fall 2015

Previous Affiliations

08/10-08/15 Northeastern University PhD Student

01/11-08/12 MIT Lincoln Laboratory Research Assistant

08/08-04/10 University of Maryland, Baltimore County Masters Student (CS)

02/06-04/10 ImageScan Inc. Software Developer