Research Interests

My research focuses on programming languages, especially functional programming and type systems. I’m interested in how programming language technology can help make programmers’ and users’ lives better and improve the bottom line.

Selected Publications


At Northeastern:

CS3500 Su15 Object Oriented Design (Instructor)
CS3500 Sp15 Object Oriented Design (Instructor)
CS4620 Sp15 Building Extensible Systems (Co-instructor with Prof. Felleisen)
CS3500 Fa14 Object Oriented Design (Instructor)
CS5010 Fa10 Program Design Paradigms (Head TA)
CS2500 Sp10 Fundamentals of C.S. I (Instructor)
CS2500 Fa09 Fundamentals of C.S. I (TA)
CSU290 Sp09 Logic and Computation (TA)
CSG107 Fa08 Program Design Paradigms (TA)
CSG262 Sp08 Compilers (Instructor)
CSG111 Fa07 Principles of Programming Languages (TA)

At Harvard:

CS51 / CSCI E-51 Sp14 Introduction to Computer Science II (Instructor)
CS51 Sp07 Introduction to Computer Science II (TF)
CS51 Sp0[45] Introduction to Computer Science II (Head TF)


LaTeX packages (plstx, pfsteps, ottalt, . . .) Includes packages for typesetting grammars, writing proofs with numbered steps and justifications, formatting Ott output, and list processing
Data.Function.Memoize Haskell library that uses lazy tries for memoization, avoiding the need for unsafePerformIO.
affine-contracts Contracts for one-shot functions and one-use values in PLT Scheme
Caml-Shcaml UNIX shell programming in OCaml
Control.Exception.Generic [src] Haskell exceptions that work with monad transformers (deprecated in favor of control-monad-exception)

Contact Information

Jesse A. Tov
College of Computer & Information Science
Northeastern University
440 Huntington Ave.
Boston, MA 02115

Email: (@ 'tov '(ccs neu edu))
Jabber: (@ '(jesse tov) '(gmail com)) (GTalk)
Phone: +1 757 695 8687
Office: 314 West Village H

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