Tony Garnock-Jones

I’m a PhD student working in the Programming Research Laboratory at Northeastern University.

My non-academic homepage has lots of information on various projects and other things I’ve written over the years.


I’m working with Matthias Felleisen on constructing programming languages that incorporate ideas from networking and from my experience with messaging middleware. See the Marketplace page for more information.

More broadly, I’m interested in interpretation, both the horizontal kind that crops up when two programs exchange data across a communications interface of some kind, and the vertical kind that appears when you have a host/guest relationship, such as that between a virtual machine and an operating system, or between a physical server and a hypervisor, or between an interpreter and a program, or between a program and its configuration files. Browsing around my projects, big and small, will give a more detailed view of the kinds of things I mean.

Teaching and Resources

I’m TAing for CS 4500, taught by Matthias Felleisen, during the Spring 2016 term.

In the past I’ve TA’d for bootcamp, which is based on How to Design Programs.

Here is the portion of my calendar relevant to my teaching duties: