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What is NE-RAVES?

I've been going to raves for a few of years now. For the most part I've been a lurker among the group simply because my schedual is too busy. Recently, I have met more and more ravers, locally and nationally, due to the pre-rave parties and the Internet. The Internet has mail lists that act as a bulletin board for all the ravers in a certain area. The mail list in my area is called NE-Raves. NE-Raves stands for (N)orth (E)astern United States (Raves) and is a mailing list gone berzerk! Currently, the list is administered by DanFREElove. Through NE-Raves, a unity of friends get together, coordinate rides, attend raves, and then review them. Typically, NE-Ravers wear badges to raves in order to identify each other in real life. What is a rave? Well, a rave is basically an all night, DJ buffet. DJ's take turns spinning, sampling and creating their favorite techno music to large masses of candy eating and candy flipping insomniacs.

In my humble opinion, `ravers' tend to be a friendly bunch. Of course there are squabbles but most of the time we tend to be peaceful, fun-loving creatures who love toys ... like LEGOS! Yup, with a complete list of sets including the new release Spyrius collection.

From the mailbag ...

Typically, I'm working in the pit and listening to some techno on the cd-rom.

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About Techno/Rave ...

I find this hard to describe. My music history path has wandered some and I've found that techno genres inspire me in different ways. Basically, I like techno for it's morphing percussion. I really love percussion especailly when it's fast and layered. I also like climactic music and techno fills all of these requirements. I also like techno because it is created and developed by the free masses. Here are some interviews with some DJ's artists:

Here are some interviews ...

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Other Mail Lists ...

[UK-Dance logo]

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The Techno/Rave Archive ...

The rave archive has moved to Hyperreal.com and has become much, much more:

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Some other ravers on the World Wide Web ...


Welp, finally. I finally got around to making a clickable digest of rave related info. Soon, it should be searchable. Here's a link the The Rave Map. If I you have a page, and would like to be linked, simply send mail to thigpen@ccs.neu.edu. Please tell me under which section you'd like to be located. I will then verify the address and put your link in the desired place.

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Other Miscellaneous info ...

Here's some info about Boston's Rave Scene

Some intersting pages ...

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The Biggest Rave ever happens here, a pond in Kansas, every April 1st

[The secret RAVE spot]

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How to meet us ...

[Chat] There's a MUD called RAVE MOO coming soon.

[Chat] There's a chatline called V-RAVE but you may need a smilies dictionary or FAQ.

[News] Plus the alt.rave newsgroup

[News] Plus the alt.music.techno newsgroup

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