Thigpen's Poetry Nook

Here are some poems I've made ... some of which ahve been published while most have not. Poetry was a major, healthy outlet during my parents divorce.

Snow Flakes

We are Mother Nature's diamonds
for we twinkle in sunlight
and brighten the moonlit night.
We float from the sky
like little soft feathers
after a wild pillow fight.

You cut paths through us
so that you won't fall.
As children, you scrape us up
and pack into balls
to throw at each other
before boarding the bus.

-Hank Hughes

Computer Anxiety

Computers are his enemies
Because they tease and taunt
And as he struck and plucked the keys,
What would they do but daunt.

But remember what it goes through
Before you slug that screen.
It does what you tell it to do,
Therefore don't be so mean.

-Hank Hughes

My Silent Audience

             Missing her with all my heart
I ponder and wander into the darkness of the starlit night.
     I look to the sky and see small bright faces,
               and I ask them, "WHY?!?".
             Then I listen for a response
                but get only a twinkle.
                  And so with a tear
            I beg for my peaceful sanity.

-Hank Hughes

Good Day - Bad Day

I rose this morning with a smile between
my lips and "Boy!", said I, "A day so fine".
So with a good night's sleep - I slept 'till nine,
I ate my eggs and felt overwhelmingly "keen"
I biked to school and things weren't as they had seemed.

With showers coming by, the sun lost it's shine.
Then I recieved a "tardy" that wasn't even mine
and got the blame for not seeing the Dean.

And as the painful hours ticked away,
today became the worst of all my days.
Then light pierced through the dark abyss of sleep
and I escaped from Nightmare's frightful creep.

  And I rose this morning with a smile between
  my lips and "Boy!", said I, "A day so fine ..."

-Hank Hughes

The Parthenon

A long, long time ago,
During the Golden Age
Our hearts were one.
The love we shared
Was a Parthenon
Supported by columns
Of care and happiness.
The gravity had it's day
And now ...
We are but the foreign tourists
Who gather in awe
Of what was.

-Hank Hughes

Tears For Fears

Used erase sprinkled on the table ...
Solve the converse function of a base and it's exponent:
Skip another question ...
Make an algorithm for the For/Next loop:
Pencil wearing down ...
Give examples of music in Romantic Era:
Mind getting weary ...
Solve for the impulse of gravitational force:
I wish I had a break ...
The clock winds down, tick tock tick.

-Hank Hughes

A Puppy's Early Winter Morning

Through the frosted wire fence,
A mound of tan furballs quiver
Dreaming of Mother.

-Hank Hughes

The Oasis

There is an oasis at the Coonamessett.
It's a teardrop of golden green
in an oilspotted ocean of asphalt.
Here, a soul birch tree majestically
stretches into the starlit night.
Here, the sea air rustles and whistles
through the full, symmetrc hedges.
And beyond the borders of the small oasis:
garbager trucks roar while airplanes screech
but somehow the breeze blows again
and there's nothing but peace.

-Hank Hughes


I'm just realizing what makes us special:

Our relationship and love has balance unlike most;
We do not have dominating roles like parasite or host;
With each other, we enjoy what life is, has, and does - all day and night;
For instance, we play all the time like naive, little kids
But never have that childish, bratty little fight.

-Hank Hughes

Her Soul Attraction

You have an invisible touch and I embrace your carress
My thoughts cannot evade your beaming glow or seductive high spirits.
I can't help but picture your alluring, sterling smiles,
That almost outshine your Incaan jewel eyes.
I damn the moment when we must say "Bye".
But I cherish the time when you smile, "Hi".

-Hank Hughes

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