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In the beginning .. was music ... house and techno. And they ignored it but it became bigger and people of all nations came together in order to dance. They called it a hype and said it was over - but it still developed and grew into a movement. And now they're trying to forbid it. But they can't stop it. Forward ever .. backward never ... Mayday, the Judegment Day.

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Here's some of my cd-collection. Most were bought but others were gifts from Todd Wilkinson (DJ Liquid Todd of Spin Cycle) I tried to categorize them as best I can. However, I'm more of a person who just likes to dance and not care what I'm listening to. In other words, rather than collect and memorize some damn baseball cards, I'd rather play the real game. Besides, I probably can't even enumerate all the different types never mind discern which are which. So, I've been forced to bug Andrew Bennett to help me categorize albums. Anyways, the titles with asterisks have sound files that are downloadable for your enjoyment.

If your interested in more information on raves and/or techno, I can offer you Rave Related Mail Lists at Hyperreal.com which is THE techno/rave archive site on the Internet. You may be able to find some more techno from there or maybe from either my NE-Raves page or my Boston-Raves page. Also, if you either have information to post or want information about raves in your area - please take a look at Eric McCormick's interactive Global Rave Information Database.

I hope you enjoy - I know I am ... here's a link to the CD-ROM player in my lab, affectionately known as The Pit. The pit's cd-rom player is on the web thanks to a generic server and a CGI gateway. Sometimes, however, I'm not listening to the CD-Player. If this is true then I'm either asleep, getting a life, or listening to a local techno radio show called Spin Cycle.

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(Note: asterisked links have sound clips.)




German Hard Trance

Intelligent Dance Music





Trip Hop

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