Thigpen's Interests


Basically, I'm trying to help organize the Boston area's rave scene with major assistance from Soundz. Unfortunately, techno has a negative image. Hopefully, this can change with time, intelligence and maturity. Boston-Raves has pointers to radio stations, clubs, stores, mail lists among other things. On-line CD-ROM Player and Techno

I currently "live" in 129 Cullinane Hall where I curl up to a machine and typically hack until class the next day. As a result, I decided to migrate my home stereo into the lab and hook up an available cd-rom player. The result: Techno music - and all nite long. Inline Skating

I've been Inline Skating since the 80's. Way back when, I did done some T.V. spots and then matured into an instructor. Virtual Workspaces

I've had interests and participation in MUDs used as Virtual Workspaces or more recently named "Text-Based Virtual Realities". I started coding LP based MUD's with the concept of designing a Virtual University. Then I switched to MOO for various reasons. I helped tart a MUD project at MITRE as a Workspace and Infocity as a University (our sequal attempt). Multicasting

Multicasting, the future of real-time network video and audio, was introduced to me by Ivan Judson one of the original Crew members. Reading Edupage

The The EduPage is one of my favorite news capsules. It is sent to one of our local newsgroups, but due to time constrictions and sanity, I rarely read news. As a result I use their web server to read back issues. It also has a small search engine. Following USENIX

USENIX is a non-profit organization that I've joined. USENIX is dedicated to research in UNIX and modern open sytems. Religion

I've followed many religions including Catholicism, Protestantism, Quakerism, and Taoism, but I'm most comfortable with Shambhalism. I must give thanks to Dr. Oort from Princeton for the book he gave me. Poetry

Back in High School I wrote some Poetrywhich helped me cope with both high school and my parents divorce. Architecture and Graphic Design

Immediately after high school (I attended Moses Brown), I started a professional degree at Boston Architectural Center. I soon found many jobs as a CAD operator. One firm I worked for beta-tested Drawbase which now has become Cad-Works. I found myself liking software more than updating "red-lines", so I ended up transferring and working for the College of Computer Science.