Hank Hughes (thigpen@ccs.neu.edu)

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Adjusting into Network Administration positon


Hiya, I'm Hank Hughes. I graduated Moses Brown High School and attended Boston Architectural Center. Finally, I ended up here at Northeastern University's - College of Computer Science. Here's a picture of me on Friday as opposed to me on Monday, or possibly me right now.

Systems and School

I'm a member of the Systems Group and co-administrator of the Crew. My "special areas" for systems include account software, ftp, majordomo, world wide web, software and documentation mirrors, and administrating our proctored labs (plus the software associated with them). Also, I take classes in order to finish my degree requirements.

Offline Interests

I have many interests besides systems and school. However, for a quick history, I offer my personal FAQ and an old resume. I helped develop The Boston Phoenix, a weekly alternative newspaper for the Boston area, and their radio station, WFNX. To my friends dismay, I've become quite a fan of Techno music which I constantly play on our lab's CD-ROM player. I used to listen to Spin Cycle, but then it faded away ...

Online Projects

I also do odds and ends at hyperreal.org including the Boston-Raves section, the List of Rave Mail Lists and an expanded version of the Global Rave Information Database - the Sequal. You can probably find me on InfoCity, our college's virtual university. Dan and I are finally ready to export footprints, a new and improved web statistician. Trying to help develop for a stunning, modern operating system named BeOS.
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