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        Dr. Melvin W. Simms

        Professional Interests:  Skills Assessment and Competencies    

Awards and Citations:

LGBT Award from the City of Somerville and Cambridge, Massachusetts, Elder Services for Outstanding Efforts Made on Behalf of the LGBT Elderly Community, (2008)

            Bay Windows - New England's largest GLBT newspaper article on the story behind receiving the award

Citation from Massachusetts State Senate in recognition of receipt of the Somerville and Cambridge, Massachusetts, LGBT Award, (2008)

Citation from Joseph Curtatone, Mayor of the City of Somerville, MA for receipt of the Special Somerville and Cambridge Elders Services, Massachusetts for receiving the LGBT Award, (20008)

Grant:    National Science Foundation:  "Curriculum Improvement in Practice Oriented Biology and Computer Science Programs Using Student e-Portfolios" (2003-2006)

Community Service:

Member of the LGBT Aging Project Steering Committee:    www.lgbtagingproject.org         

    Training, Advocacy and Outreach program for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender seniors and community organizations

Gen Silent - Documentary premiering in May 2010:   http://stumaddux.com/GEN_SILENT.html People in the documentary: http://stumaddux.com/gen_silent_people.html

For power, relevance, and sheer heartbreak, documentary filmmaker Stu Maddux’s work in progress, Gen Silent, stands out as a film

that examines how the GLBT community’s "greatest generation" is going back into the closet to survive their golden years.

Bottom of page, Simms walking:  http://stumaddux.com/gen_silent_images.html


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Melvin (Mel) Simms, Mus.B., Ed.M., Ed.D.
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College of Computer Science and Information Science and the
Cooperative Education Program
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