The Hong Kong Files

I spent 1992 and 1993 living in Hong Kong, where I was on the faculty of the University of Hong Kong. I have written a few documents about what it was like living in the Crown Colony.

If you are interested in an academic position at one of the Hong Kong universities, you should read ``Being a computer scientist in Hong Kong.''

If you would simply like information about how to get around in Hong Kong, what things are good to buy, what things are a waste of time, and, most importantly, where to eat, you might want to read ``Notes on Hong Kong.''

Should your tastes run to bitchy, 5' 10" Chinese models, drunk guys with guns, Norwegians named Katarina, Frank Sinatra covers, corrupt cops, organised crime, quiet, scary guys with mysterious tattoos, alcoholic Canadian millionaires, or 46-year old businessmen and their 23-year old mistresses, then you might be interested in karaoke, as well.

Olin Shivers / shivers at ccs dot neu dot edu