Stefan Savev


I am a Ph.D. student in the College of Computer Science at Northeastern University, Boston. My expertise in Software Development comes from working on a number of software projects. I am well-versed in many programming languages (functional, object-oriented, logical, expression-based, etc.) and software construction approaches. I prefer languages that give developers productivity gains and favor quick prototyping, experimentation and iterative improvement of software rather than top-down design.

As a Ph.D. and Master's student in Northeastern University, Boston and RWTH, Aachen, Germany, I have specialized in Search Engine Analysis and Implementation, Natural Language Processing and analysis of large datasets.

At Northeastern, I am in the Information Retrieval / Machine Learning Lab, under the supervision of Prof. Jay Aslam. I have co-authored several papers. Additionally, I've worked as a teaching assistant for Algorithms, Datamining and Information Retrieval and a class instructor for Information Retrieval.

Occasionally, I also contribute technical articles to the programming community.

Finally, I'm starting a technical blog at Algorithms for Big Data

In my free time, I enjoy hiking and playing backgammon.