The Macro Stepper

Ryan Culpepper

November 20, 2006

The macro stepper is a new DrScheme tool for debugging macros. It shows macro expansion as a sequence of rewriting steps, where a step is either a single macro transformation or an operation performed by a primitive syntactic form. The graphical display lets the programmer investigate binding and source properties of the syntax involved in expansion.

The macro stepper is built around three pillars:

This manual is organized around those three topics.



    1  Getting started
        1.1  Starting the macro stepper
        1.2  Navigation

    2  The syntax display
        2.1  Mark colors
        2.2  Selection
        2.3  Properties
        2.4  Identifier relationships
        2.5  A word about “apparent bindings”

    3  Macro hiding
        3.1  Customizing macro hiding
        3.2  Limitations

    4  Bugs, feature requests, and success stories

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