Fall 2014         CS4800: Algorithms and Data



This is an introductory course in algorithms.   Every computer program can be viewed as an implementation of an algorithm for solving a particular computational problem.  The focus of this course is on learning algorithm design techniques for solving the underlying computational problems.  We will also look at how algorithms translate to programs, but our emphasis will be on the algorithm design and analysis.   In this class, you will

  1. Get exposed to a range of computational problems that arise in very diverse applications

  2. Learn how to formulate problems precisely from somewhat informal descriptions

  3. Learn new algorithmic design techniques used to solve the computational problems

  4. Learn proof techniques critical for reasoning about the correctness of algorithms

  5. Learn analysis techniques critical to determine the efficiency of algorithms

  6. Learn how to transform algorithms to programs


Algorithm Design, by Jon Kleinberg and Eva Tardos, Addison Wesley 2006

(Available at the bookstore and online)

An excellent recommended text is Algorithms, by Dasgupta, Papadimitriou, and Vazirani, a version of which is available online.


Grades will be based on homeworks (20%), 6 in-class quizzes -- of which the lowest two scores will be dropped -- (total 20%), 2 midterms (15% each), and final (30%). 


  1. Use of laptops, tablets, or smart phones is not permitted in class.

  2. We will not take attendance in class.  But most of our lectures will have an active learning component, including in-class quizzes, and problem-solving sessions.

  3. No late homework will be accepted.

  4. Collaborating with other students in the class on homework problems is fine and encouraged, though we urge you to attempt working out all of the problems by yourself first.   In any case, you must write up your solutions, in your own wordsFurthermore, if you did collaborate on any problem, you must clearly list all of the collaborators in your submission.

  5. Finding solutions to homework problems on the web, or by asking students not enrolled in the class (or the class staff) is strictly prohibited. 


TTh   11:45-13:25

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