Rohan Garg (/rohɘn gɜrg/)

Graduate student, Computer Science (2012-present)

College of Computer and Information Science
Northeastern University

Email: echo <first_name>.<last_name> | sed "s/[aeiou]//g" # AT (your favorite search engine)


B.E., Information Technology (2009) : [Coursework]
Delhi College of Engineering, University of Delhi


Research in High Perfomance Computing [Report], Intensive Computer Systems [Report], Intensive Principles of Programming Languages, Machine Learning, Theory of Computation, Algorithms

About me:

I'm generally interested in all forms of Computer Science but currently focusing on systems.

In my earlier life (if there is such a thing), I worked for two start-ups, programming for embedded multi-media communication systems for some years. If one could rewind time (much like my current project) even further, one would notice that I managed to complete my under-graduation from Delhi College of Engineering (now DTU, erstwhile under the University of Delhi) in India.

PGP, Geek code, Reading, Music

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