John Rachlin

Assistant Teaching Professor, Northeastern University

Current Teaching (Fall 2020)

CS 3200: Database Design

Relational database design, conceptual and logical modeling, SQL, and database application programming.
4.0 credits. Prerequisites: CS2500 or DS2000.

DS 2000: Programming with Data

An introduction to Python programming and the principles of Data Science. DS 2000 is the one programming course to take if you are only going to take one!
2.0 credits. Prerequisites: None. Corequisites: DS2001 - Lab for DS 2000

DS 2500: Intermediate Programming with Data

A follow-on course to DS 2000 that will provide students with the opportunity to advance their computer programming skills using the Python programming language. The course will explore more advanced programming methodologies including object-oriented design and test-driven development - techniques that are useful for tackling larger-scale programming projects.
4.0 credits. Prerequisites: CS1800, DS2000. Corequisites: DS2501 - Lab for DS 2500

Past Courses

CS 1800: Discrete Structures

An introduction to the mathematics of Computer Science

CS 1802: Seminar for CS 1800

CS 5200: Database Systems

Relational database design, introduction to NoSQL, and database application programming.

DS 2001: Practicum for DS 2000: Programming with Data

Practical exercises for learning Python and Data Science fundamentals.

DS 4300: Large-Scale Storage and Retrieval

An exploration of non-relational (NoSQL) databases, event processing, distributed storage, and parallel processing using Scala and Spark.

Future Courses (Approved)

DS 3500: Advanced Programming with Data

Software architectures for enterprise applications. (Tentatively planned for Spring, 2021)