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Glen Coppersmith and I (James Dennis) have done some research into game playing artificial intelligence algorithms. We applied this research to tetris. Below are the links we feel are worth giving out at the moment. Source code will be posted when we feel tetris has been completely dominated.

Colin's site appears to be down. Glen and I are looking around to see if we can dig up his old code for other people to work with.

  • screenshot
  • screenshot passing world record average (not world record!)
  • Tetris program Download it and play! It starts in user mode so just hit "A" to turn on the AI. You can adjust the speed at which it plays by using the "+" or "-" keys.
  • How to modify Colin Fahey's tetris to include your algorithm
  • Tetris: the story
  • Tetris creator is totally psycho
  • Man jailed for playing tetris on plane (ironically on September 11, but in 2002)
  • NEW Tetris is NP-complete
  • We spoke to the Northeastern University chapter of the ACM about our research on March 17th, 2004. Northeastern ACM calender.

    Zabir Hoque ran the AI and got 231,675,678 lines! That's the highest score we have heard our tetris game do so far. It's also the highest score I have heard of any tetris ai playing. Thanks Zabir!

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