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These programs were written for experimentation, please use them at you own risk and they can be used only for NON-COMERCIAL pursposes. e-mail me if you enjoy using them,


RobotVisionCAD or in short RvCAD is a computer aided design for Image Processing and Computer Vision.  RvCAD's GUI presents users with a view where users drag and drop Image Processor Elements, and visually connecting them to form Image Processing Pipeline.

Collection of Papers I've written

Mathematical models of neuron cell and their applications
Using Artificial Neural Network for Protein secondary structure prediction
Using low cost PC based Quickcam video capture device for realtime image processing
Solving N-Queens Problem using multithreaded apporch.
Solving N-Queens Problem usng Artificial Neural Network.
Isolate line from hand written text.
Multithreaded Data Flow for Image Processing Pipeline