CS 3220 Processor Design
Fall 2002

Instructor: Pete Manolios

Homework 1, Due 9/6/2002 (before midnight)

  1. Read chapters 1-5 in Hamblen and Furman.
  2. Go through all of Tutorial I in Hamblen and Furman Chapter 1. Record the propagation delays reported by the timing analyzer for PB1-to-LED and PB2-to-LED.
  3. Do problems 7 and 11 at the end of chapter 1. For problem 7, turn in your design* and for problem 11, report the best delay you can achieve.
  4. Go through all of Tutorial II in chapter 4. Hand in your final schematic*.
  5. Do problems 4 and 7 (of chapter 4) and hand in your designs*.
*: What I want here is for you to archive your project and to send me the archive. You can create an archive by clicking on file, then project, then archive in the MAX+plus II tool. This will create a directory with all the necessary files. Create a tarball of the archives and text files and send it via email to me and to Vernard (vernard@cc).