CSG369, Special Topics in PL: Formal Methods
Fall 2008


Pete Manolios

Office hours:
WVH 346
by appointment

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CS G369
Tu/Fri 11:45-1:25, 166 West Village Bldg H

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Course Description

This is a course on the current state-of-the-art in a few selected topics in formal methods. The topics are: termination, satisfiability modulo theories, theorem proving, and refinement (see the syllabus for more information). The course is an advanced PhD-level course. It is appropriate for PhD students, and, perhaps, for gifted and motivated undergraduate and masters students. Please contact me if you are not a PhD student and want to take the class; you will need my permission. The major goal is the completion of a project that extends the state-of-the-art and leads to publishable results.

Teaching Philosophy

My goal is to help you develop into critical, independent-thinking, and creative scientists. In this course, I will try to do this by giving you opportunities to grapple with and gain technical mastery of selected research topics in formal methods. We will delve deeply into a few selected topics, and the main goal will for you to complete a project that leads to new, publishable results.

During lectures I try to explain, clarify, emphasize, summarize, encourage, and motivate. I can also answer questions, lead discussions, and ask questions. In class you have an opportunity to test your understanding, so things work best if you come to class prepared. We can then focus on the interesting issues, rather than on covering material that you could just as easily find in the readings.


If you have any questions, please come by and see me, call, or send email. My contact information appears above.

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