CS 8803 Computational Logic
Spring 2007


Pete Manolios

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KACB 2340
Monday & Wednesday 12:00 - 1:00PM, or by appointment

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Cherry Emerson 204
Monday / Wednesday, 3:05PM-4:25PM
CS 8803 - COL

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Course Description

This course covers fundamental aspects of computational logic, with a focus on how to use logic to verify computing systems, and can be used as a breadth course for Software Engineering and Information Security. Students will learn the fundamentals of classical logic, induction and recursion, program semantics, rewriting, and theorem proving. Students will use the ACL2 system to model and verify software, hardware, and security systems. ACL2 consists of a functional programming language, a logic, and an industrial-strength theorem prover that has been used to prove some of the largest and most complicated theorems ever proved about commercially designed systems.

Why would you want to take this class?

Here are three reasons.

Teaching Philosophy

My goal is to help you develop into critical, independent-thinking, and creative scientists. In this course, I will try to do this by selecting material that I expect will be relevant for most of your careers and by giving you opportunities to grapple with and gain technical mastery of some of the most important ideas in computational logic. You gain technical mastery by doing and, for the most part, this occurs outside of the class. My role is to create the opportunity for learning; it is only with your active participation that learning truly takes place.

During lectures I try to explain, clarify, emphasize, summarize, encourage, and motivate. I can also answer questions, lead discussions, and ask questions. In class you have an opportunity to test your understanding, so things work best if you come to class prepared. We can then focus on the interesting issues, rather than on covering material that you could just as easily find in the book.


If you have any questions, please come by and see me, call, or send email. My contact information appears above.

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