Soc528 Fall 2014 Group Assignment 2 - Ethical Issues in Design

(15% of grade)
15 minute presentations W Nov 12 - Th Nov 20.
Slides are due in electronic form by Mon Nov 24.

Groups will have class time meet to integrate their individual parts of the assignment. The final essay 3 will be an individual one based on your own group's topic. There is no group paper. The group grade (15 % of your grade) will be based on the presentation. Essay 3 (20% of the grade) should be turned in on paper either in class or brought to the sociology department and given to one of the staff in room 500 Holmes by 10 am on Thursday, December 11. 2 bonus points will be given to everyone who attends all 5 presentation days; 1 bonus point for those who attend 4 days.

  1. Designing for Accessibility - computer applications for blind and low vision people
  2. Designing for Accessibility - robotics, implants, and other designs for mobility impaired people
  3. Surveillance for Better Health and Safer Food
  4. Designing for Liberty - Computer Applications for Dealing with Censorship and Surveillance in Totalitarian Societies
  5. Designing for the Environment - Climate Data, Modeling, and Prediction
  6. Designing for the Environment - Computers Applications for Sustainable Energy, Architecture, Transportation, and Manufacturing
  7. Gaming for the Social Good - Education, Cooperation, Gender Equity, and other social issuses addressed in game design
  8. Computing for Better Government - Improving Efficiency and Transparancy in Local, State, and Federal Data
  9. Designing the Cloud - privacy, property and social control issues
  10. Designing the Internet of Things - innovation, intellectual property and security issues

Cite your sources. The slide presentations should cover main points and leave room for some class discussion.