SOCL528 Fall 2013 Essay 4 - Computer Applications for Social Good

4-8 pages double-spaced; 20% of grade

Due on paper in class or by email before the ending time of our scheduled final, Wednesday, April 23 at 3 pm. (There won't actually be a final exam; this time is just the deadline for on-time work.) We would be happy to receive your essays on paper in class before the end of the term.

Write an essay on any one of the group assignment 2 topics EXCEPT the topic that your group presented. Members of the group whose topic is chosen by the most people for their final essay will receive a half letter grade higher on Group Assignment 2.

Slides and references for group presentations have been posted on Blackboard in the COURSE DOCUMENTS folder. You should use these as a starting point for your essay. Essays can either be an overview of the whole topic or focused in more detail on a specific section of the topic.

Cite the specific sources you use.

grading criteria