Paul L. Bergstein

I completed my Ph.D. thesis on "Managing the Evolution of Object-oriented Systems" in June of 1994. The thesis work comprises a theoretical framework and practical algorithms for the design, maintenance, and optimization of object-oriented systems. Topics include automatic learning of class organizations from object examples, optimization of class organizations, and automatic maintenance of structural and behavioral consistency in evolving systems. Many of the methods have been implemented and incorporated into the Demeter C++ CASE tool.

I am currently a professor in the in the Department of Computer & Information Science at UMass Dartmouth. You can find some of my publications and information about my current research and other activities on my UMD home page.

Where to reach me

Dr. Paul L. Bergstein
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
Department of Computer & Information Science
285 Old Westport Road
N. Dartmouth, MA 02747

Phone: (508) 999-9184
Fax: (508) 999-9144