Guevara Noubir, Professor

College of Computer and Information Science

Email: lastname AT CCS DOT NEU DOT EDU


  1. Our team (Triet, Bishal, and myself) won the DARPA Spectrum Challenge $25K cooperative, ranked 3rd on the competitive 2013, and ranked 4th on the 2014.

  2. Jin Tao joined Qualcomm Research at San Diego (9/2013).

  3. Our paper on countering high-power jammers was selected as the runner-up best paper of ACM WiSec’13.

  4. The website for our SoC-based apps-driven wireless sensor network is up.

  5. Our team ranked 3rd (out of 90 teams) in the DARPA Spectrum Challenge qualification phase (2013-2014).

  6. Bishal joined Raytheon BBN Technologies (9/2011).

  7. Our paper analyzing the robustness our rate adaptation won the ACM WiSec’11 best paper award.

  8. Our team (Yin, Tao, and myself) made it to the top 20 (from >1800 teams) in Google’s Android Developers Challenge.


  1. Network Security: Use and Misuse of Cryptography -- Contemporary Tales


  1. Open Infrastructure is a wireless networks research framework that aims at leveraging residential broadband networks and routers to enable ubiquitous wireless access, and data storage in an efficient, reliable, low power, and low cost. It leverages several mechanisms such as social networking authentication, low power ZigBee radios, links bonding. Let us know if you are interested in joining our measurement network.

  2. Robust Wireless Systems against Smart Attacks is a coordinated set of activities developing fundamental mechanisms to thwart attacks on wireless networks. Our paper analyzing the robustness of rate adaptation won the ACM WiSec’11 best paper award.

  3. Privacy-preserving storage and computation in the cloud and on a residential edge-cloud.

  4. Interfacing with biological material at the nanoscale. We organized two NSF Workshops on the topic on July 2011, and November 2012.


I received my PhD in Computer Science from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology at Lausanne (EPFL 1996) and my engineering diploma (MS) from École Nationale Supérieure d'Informatique et de Mathématiques Appliquées at Grenoble (ENSIMAG 1991). Prior to joining Northeastern University in 2001, I was a senior research scientist at CSEM SA (Switzerland) where I led several research project and contributed to the definition of the third generation Universal Mobile Telecommunication System (UMTS) standardized as 3GPP WCDMA. I held visiting research positions at Eurecom, MIT, and UNL. I am a Senior Member of the IEEE, a member of the ACM, and a recipient of the NSF CAREER Award. I serve on the editorial board of ACM Transactions of Information and Systems Security, IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, and the Elsevier Computer Networks Journal. I co-chaired the TPC of ACM WiSec‘2015, IEEE CNS‘2015, IEEE WoWMoM 2015, IEEE SECON’14, NETYS’14, ICCCN’12 and regularly serve on the TPC of wireless networking and security conferences such as IEEE Infocom, ACM WiSec, ACM Mobicom, ACM MobiHoc. I surved as a judge in the Synthetic Biology iGEM competition 2012-2013.


  1. I enjoy developing new courses that expose the students to fundamentals concepts both algorithmic and domain specific, with system building.

  1. Fall'16 - CS4740 & CS6740 Network Security: The CS 4740/6740 Network Security course allows the students to explore the practical elements of networks security and related design, and deployment decisions in a supervised laboratory, while simultaneously acquiring a strong conceptual knowledge of the underlying theory in the more traditional classroom environment. The combination of these elements provides students with a vivid picture of why and how networked systems and applications must be designed, implemented, deployed, and maintained in a secure fashion.

  2. Secure Wireless Ad hoc Robots on Mission (SWARM) exposes the students to the concepts underlying the design of robust and secure heterogeneous wireless networking of mobile robots (i.e., Internetworking, Security, Wireless Communication, Embedded Development, Mobile Phones Platforms).Teams design and build rescue-mission oriented heterogeneous wireless systems operating in adversarial environments... [Check Movie]

  3. SWARM Extreme a special topics course in networking. Check the movie where students wirelessly control a flying quadcopter with their thoughts using a Brain Computer Interface.

  1. Current PhD students:

  2. Triet Vo-Huu (MS Budapest University of Technology)

  3. Amirali Sanatinia (BS University of St Andrews)

  4. Sashank Narain (BE University of Mumbai)

  5. Kenneth Block (BS Johns Hopkins University)

  6. Former PhD students:

  7. Aldo Cassola (MS Northeastern University, PhD‘2015), Associate Professor at University of the San Francisco de Quito, Ecuado

  8. Koorosh Firouzbakht (MS Iran University of Science and Technology, PhD‘2015)

  9. Tao Jin (BS Beijing University, PhD ‘2013), Research Engineer, Qualcomm Research, San Diego, CA

  10. Hooman Javaheri (BS Sharif University, PhD ‘2012), RJMetrics, Philadelphia, PA

  11. Bishal Thapa (BS SUNY Potsdam, PhD ‘2011), Research Scientist, Raytheon - BBN Technologies, Cambridge, MA

  12. Yin Wang (BS Nanjing University, PhD ‘2010), Entrepreneur, Founder Narvii Inc., MA

  13. Xin Liu (MS Tsinghua University, PhD ‘2007), Senior Program Manager, Microsoft Corp., Seattle, WA

  14. Guolong Lin (BS Tsinghua University, PhD ‘2006), Engineering Manager, Akamai Technologies, Cambridge, MA

  1. Honors & Awards:

  2. National Science Foundation CAREER Award (2005)

  3. Research and Education program selected for the 2009 & 2012 Highlights of NSF CISE/CNS

  4. Winner of DARPA Spectrum Challenge Cooperative DSC’2013 out of 90 teams

  5. Distinguished Lecture at U. Michigan – Dearborn, “Robustness and Privacy in Wireless Systems”, November 2013

  6. Distinguished Lecture IEEE IAS Costa Rica, “LTE & LTE Security”, July 2013

  7. Best paper award at the ACM Wireless Security Conference WiSec’2011, runner-up best paper ACM WiSec 2013.


  1. Chaired 2 NSF Workshops on Bio-Enabled Wireless Networks, and Synthetic Biology for Bio Comp-Comm, 2011-2012

  2. Editorial Board of ACM Transaction on Information and Systems Security (TISSEC), IEEE Transaction on Mobile Computing, and Elsevier Computer Networks Journal

  3. TPC Co-Chair (with Ivan Martinovic) of ACM Conference on Security and Privacy in Wireless and Mobile Networks (WiSec) 2015.

  4. TPC Co-Chair (with Pierangela Samaranti) of IEEE Conference on Communications and Network Security (CNS) 2015.

  5. TPC Co-Chair (with Luciano Bononi) of IEEE World of Wireless Mobile and Multimedia (WoWMoM) 2015.

  6. TPC Co-Chair (with Andreas Terzis) of IEEE Conference on Sensing, Communication, and Networking (SECON) 2014

  7. TPC Co-Chair (with Michel Raynal) of NETYS 2014 (Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science LNCS 8593)

  8. TPC Co-Chair (with Prasant Mohapatra) of IEEE ICCCN, 2012

  9. TPC Member: ACM Mobicom’16, ACM WiSec 2016, IEEE CNS’16, IEEE Infocom’16, AsiaCCS’16, NETYS’16, PETS’16, Med-Hoc-Net’16, ACM Mobicom’15.


  1. Our research has been supported by DARPA, Draper Labs, NSF, Microsoft Research, Raytheon.

RESEARCH:    Theory and practice of privacy, security, and robustness of networked systems

TEACHING:     Spring 2016: Deconstructing the Cloud -- a security perspective

                            Spring 2016: Wireless and Mobile Systems

SERVICE:         TPC AsiaCCS’16, IEEE CNS’16, ACM Mobicom’16, IEEE Infocom’16, PETS’16,

                            ACM WiSec 2016.