CS 6710: Wireless Networks

CS 6710: Wireless Networks

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Wireless communication systems are the key enabling technology of the mobile revolution, and mobile devices are becoming the primary access platform to the Internet. This course covers both the fundamentals of wireless networking and the practical aspects of wireless systems such as current standards, and mobile development platforms, as well as emerging technologies. The course has a strong practical component, the students will work in teams on several small projects (e.g., Mobile phone applications, Internet of Things, and Software Defined Radios), and a major final project integrating several wireless communication technologies and mechanisms (e.g., mobile app controlled smart home systems, brain control of flying robots).


Guevara Noubir (noubir ATA ccs DOTA neu DOTA edu)
Office: 238 West Village H
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Monday/Thursday 11:45 am - 1:25 pm, TBA
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Wireless Communication Networks and Systems, by Cory Beard and William Stallings, Pearson Education, 2015, ISBN-13: 978-0133594171.
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Knowledge of Internet networking protocols (e.g, a Networking course).
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