Big Data and Databases Research Group Meeting

What: discussion of Big Data research from a database and data mining perspective
Who: everybody who is interested in the topic, in particular DB group PhD students
When: Wednesdays 11:00am-noon
Where: 166 WVH

Date Discussion Leader Topic
Jan 23 Bahar Qarabaqi Bahar's latest research on crowdsourcing and imprecise queries
Jan 30   No meeting: VLDB deadline
Feb 6   No meeting: machine learning faculty candidate visit
Feb 13 Bahar Qarabaqi Discussion of Bahar's research continued
Feb 20 Bahar Qarabaqi Discussion of Bahar's research completed
Feb 27 Alper Okcan Alper's research on Big Data processing using MapReduce
Mar 6   No meeting: Spring Break
Mar 13   No meeting: faculty candidate
Mar 20 Alper Okcan Discussion of Alper's research completed
Mar 27   No meeting: faculty candidate
Apr 3 Yizhou Sun Yizhou's latest research on information diffusion
Apr 10 Alper Okcan Software development experience report