time to wake up

Instructors Jesse Tov and Matthias Felleisen

Ms. Jessica Biron will assist with editing your memos. You can find Ms. Biron in WVH 202 (second cubicle), and you can reach her at j.biron at neu.edu.

Time and Place The class meets on mondays from 6:00pm to 9:00pm, starting on January 12, 2014 and ending April 22, 2014.

The scheduled meeting place is Richards Hall 140.

Weekly Problems The weekly assignments will help us explore the Rust programming language, its expressive power, its type system, its libraries, and its "zero-cost abstraction" performance promise.

Memos The purpose of the memos is to learn descriptive writing. You will describe projects, code, decisions, comment on design choices in Rust, and evaluate the language as a whole. You will deliver a draft of each memo to Ms. Biron on the draft deadline, meet with her, react to her comments, and hand in a final version on the actual deadline. Please mind

Project The purpose of the project is to show off your newly acquired Rust skills.

By President’s Day you will choose an open-source project in C/C++ of your liking and propose a Rust extension that performs some monitoring task. As a first step, you will turn in a memo that describes the project’s external purpose and internal structure.

Collaboration You will work in pairs for the weekly assignments, the projects, and the memos. The pairings are likely to change over the course of the semester. Do not collaborate with other students in class than your chosen partner.

Grades Everyone will get an A after investing a sufficient amount of work.