Proceedings of the Workshop on [LOGO]
Functional and Declarative Programming in Education
Paris, 29 September 1999

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This technical report contains the papers presented at the workshop on Functional and Declarative Programming in Education 1999 (FDPE'99). The workshop took place in Paris, France, on September 29, 1999. The aim of FDPE'99 was to provide a forum for researchers and teachers who love using functional and declarative languages for instructional purposes.

The organizers selected seven papers from 17 draft papers, which were submitted in response to a call for papers. All organizers reviewed all of the papers. Following the review process, the program committee held a virtual meeting. The meeting lasted four days, with lively discussions. The organizers summarized the comments raised during this virtual meeting and forwarded them to the authors. Much of the administration of the discussion was performed via Scheme-generated HTML pages.

Matthias Felleisen Michael Hanus Simon Thompson
Rice University, USA RWTH Aachen, Germany University of Kent, UK
FDPE'99 Organizing Committee


Matthias Felleisen, Michael Hanus, and Simon Thompson.
Proceedings of the Workshop on Functional and Declarative Programming in Education
Rice Technical Report 99-346. August 1999.


Straight to the Heart of Computer Science via Functional Programming
Robert Giegerich, Ralf Hinze, Stefan Kurtz

Advanced Programming Concepts in a Course on Grammars and Parsing
Johan Jeuring, Doaitse Swierstra

Declarative Programming Across the Undergraduate Curriculum
Amr Sabry

Proof-directed Debugging
Robert Harper
Additional Material

Games Provide Fun(ctional Programming Tasks)!
Kris Aerts, Karel De Vlaminck
Additional Material

Denotational Semantics for Teaching Lazy Functional Programming
Olaf Chitil

Implementing Constructivist Ideas in Functional Programming [MS-generated postscrip | HTML ]
Levy, Lapidot, Paz