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The airplane images in this table, plus an index file in XML, are available as a tar bundle: aircrafts.tar.gz

Name of Aircraft Type Nation Image
Baku Geki KI-99 bomber Japan *
Bell P-39D fighter US AF
Boeing B-17E bomber US AF
Boulton Paul Defiant fighter UK
Brewster F2A-3 fighter US AF
Bristol Blenheim bomber UK
Consolidated B-24D bomber US Navy
Consolidated PB2Y-3 bomber US AF
Curtiss P-40E fighter US AF
Dornier Do 26 bomber Germany
Douglas A-20a bomber US AF
Focke Wulf FW 190 fighter Germany
Grumman F4f-4 fighter US AF
Hawker Hurricane fighter UK
Heinkel He 111 bomber Germany
Lockheed P-38E fighter US Navy
Martin B-26C bomber US Navy
Messerschmitt ME-109 fighter Germany
Messerschmitt ME-110 fighter Germany
Mitsubishi 96 fighter Japan
Mitsubishi 98 bomber Japan
Mitsubishi 99 bomber Japan
Nakajima 97 fighter Japan
Northrop A-17a bomber US AF
Republic P-47D fighter US Navy
I-16 fighter Soviet Union
Savoia Marchetti SM82 bomber Italy
Sento KI-001 fighter Japan *
Short Stirling bomber UK
Supermarine Spitfire fighter UK
Vickers Wellington bomber UK

* According to a Web search, these two airplanes existed only in the imagination of Pearl Harbor observers and survivors.

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