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Due date: 2/2 : NOON

Representing Stacks, Decks, and Hands

Task 1: [POINTS: 25] It is now time to design all basic, obviously needed data representations: stacks, decks, and hands (how players organize their cards).

To get you started, the listing below transliterates the interfaces from my Scheme implementation into quasi-code that everyone should be able to read.


   create  : card/c -> stack/c
   ;; creates a stack from a single card

   depth   : stack/c -> int
   ;; how many cards are on the stack? 

   push    : stack/c card/c -> stack/c
   ;; add a card to the stack 

   take    : stack/c int -> (listof card/c)
   ;; (take s n) returns the first n cards from this stack 

   pop!    : stack/c int -> stack/c
   ;; creates a stack by removing the first n cards from this stack 


   create       : -> deck/c
   ;; create a deck using the standard (directory) order of cards
   shuffle      : deck/c -> deck/c
   ;; shuffle this deck (reasonably) randomly 
   empty?       : deck/c -> boolean?
   ;; is this deck empty? 

   take         : deck/c -> card/c
   ;; look at the top card from this deck 
   ;; ASSSUME: non-empty-deck/c

   pop          : deck/c -> deck/c
   ;; remove the top card from this deck 

   list_to_deck : (listof card/c) -> deck/c
   ;; create a deck from a list of cards

   deck_to_list : deck/c -> (listof card/c)
   ;; convert this deck to a list (needed?)


A "hand" is how the player organizes the cards on his hand. This is of course completely up to you. Some people don't organize their cards at all; others are hyper-organized and plan ahead. You will need to implement the following functions, however, which also involves designing a representation of squadrons:

   create         : (listof card/c) -> hand/c
   ;; organize a list of cards as a hand 

   hand_to_list   : hand/c -> (listof card/c)
   ;; convert the hand into a list of cards 

   size           : hand/c -> int
   ;; how many cards are on this hand? 
   value          : hand/c -> int
   ;; determine the value of a hand (10 for bomber, 5 per fighter)

   completes      : hand/c -> (listof squadron/c)
   ;; determines the complete squadrons on this hand 

   wildcards      : hand/c -> (listof wild-card/c)
   ;; determine the available wild-cards on a hand

   complementable : hand/c -> (listof squadron/c)
   ;; which squadrons can benefit from one or two wild-cards
   ;; [sorted by size] 

   plus           : hand/c (listof card/c) -> hand/c
   ;; (plus h c) creates a hand from h and c

   minus          : hand/c (listof card/c) -> hand/c
   ;; (minus h c) creates a hand by removing c from h 


Squadron = [listof card/c]

   squadron-first-craft : squadron/c -> aircraft/c
   ;; extract an aircraft card from this squadron 

   squadron-alliance    : squadron/c -> alliance/c
   ;; to which alliance does this squadron belong? 

   squadron-name        : squadron/c -> string?
   ;; what is the name of this squadron? 

   squadron-complete?   : squadron/c -> boolean?
   ;; is this squadron complete?

   squadron-incomplete? : squadron/c -> boolean?
   ;; is this squadron complete?

   squadron-fighter?    : squadron/c -> boolean?
   ;; is this a fighter squadron?

   squadron-bomber?     : squadron/c -> boolean?
   ;; is this a bomber squadron? 

   squadron-value       : squadron/c -> natural-number/c
   ;; what is the value of this squadron? 

Task 2: [POINTS: 4] Explain with a paragraph of at most 50 words (per concept) why Stack requires take, why Deck needs empty?, why Hand comes with wildcards, and why a representation for Squadron is needed (and what it entails). To get full credit, your explanation must trace the needs for these functions and data representations back to specific use cases.

Task 3: [POINTS: 10] Develop two interfaces for (a representation of) Turns, Players, and Administrators. Use the above notation. Explain each choice with a single paragraph.

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