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Project 2

Due date: 1/23 : NOON

Double or Nothing

Objective: to get a first taste of pair collaborations and the svn server

Mechanism: re-do homework 1 using the svn server. Create a directory titled "Project2" with the following structure:

   +---------------- Memos 
   |                  |
   |                  +------> task1.html
   |                  +------> task2.html
   |                  +------> task2a.html
   +---------------- Script
                      +------> README.txt (how to run, docs)
                      +------> code.EXTENSION 

You may assume that we supplement a copy of the "aircraft" directory for testing.

You may obtain credit only for the first or second homework.

Task 1: Describe in a memo the process of buying gas for a passenger car. You may wish to visit a near-by gas station and watch several transactions at some pump, especially if you haven't bought gas in a while. Limit: one printed page formatted using HTML in this style. [POINTS: 4]

Task 2: Your second task is to analyze the story from the software perspective. Describe the major concepts; then identify and describe the use case[s]. Limit: one printed page formatted using HTML in this style. [POINTS: 4]

Task 2a: Consider the following problems that may occur during a "refill" trip: (1) rejection of credit card; (2) the driver decides to drive away after getting his credit card authorized and before lifting the handle; or (3) the driver fills his tank and then forgets to press YES or NO for the usual "do you want a receipt question." [POINTS: 4] Can you think of an additional problem situation? [POINTS: 2]

Task 3: Download the tar bundle from the "Aircrafts" page (see tab on the left). Design a program/script that changes the index.xml file as follows: (1) it changes the nation attribute to "allies" or "axis" as appropriate; (2) for an aircraft without image attribute, it creates an image attribute of the shape `image = "question.jpg"'. [POINTS: 6]

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