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Project 2

Due date: 1/21 @ noon

Objective: to work in pairs on use cases and stories

Task 1: Your task is to synthesize your efforts from the previous week. Compare your analyses, your data descriptions, and your uses cases. Then jointly produce a draft. Designated one person as the primary author; the other partner should edit the draft alone. Switch roles. [POINTS: 3]

The Story, Amended: Check your analyses and use cases in light of the following three questions:

  1. What happens if your system's computer goes down during the afternoon? Assume someone knows how to re-start it later.
  2. What happens if your system's input or output files get corrupted? Assume someone edits them by hand before, while, or after your program runs.
  3. How does your system interact with the office's billing system?
Determine whether these scenarios require revisions of your existing use cases or whether they require entirely new use cases.

Task 2: Your second task is to consider what changes when you consider the amended story. [POINTS: 2]

Task 3: Your third task is to analyze the story of Carcassonne and to write up the use cases for this project. Complete tasks 1 and 2 first and use what you learned about working out uses cases for this last task. [POINTS: 5]

Product: Turn in a tar bundle with three subdirectories labeled 1, 2, and 3. The first one (1) should contain the result and intermediate products for task 1. Specifically it should contain a plain text file called final.txt and the earlier drafts labeled 1.txt, 2.txt, etc. The second directory (2) should contain the result of task 2. The third directory (3) should contain a file for the concept graph (as a jpeg) and one file per use case of task 3. You may use any of your favorite drawing tools to draw a concept graph. If you have access to a professional programming environment, you may use its tools, too, but don't think it will impress us.

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