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Project 13

Due date: 4/09 @ 10pm

Objective: to have a bit of fun with the game

Task: Set up your client running your designated automated player on Saturday morning (April 9) by 11am to look for my server on america.ccs.neu.edu at port 7000. The basic goal is to make it through the first round alive. If your player wins this first round, ready it again for a final round at noon.

The winning player will get 100 POINTS, the second pair 50, the surviving participants of the final round 30, and the surviving participants of the first round 20.

Your client should attempt to register with my server on a regular basis. The server will gather between two and six players (on an almost random basis) and then start one round of the game. Each round may last up to 30 minutes, so be prepared that your player won't be able to register for a while. You will not get a negative answer after the game starts because the server will no longer accept connections.

The final timing specifications are:

  (define max-turn-time         30) ;; seconds 
  (define MAX-REGISTRATION-TIME 3)  ;; seconds 
  (define MAX-RETURN-TIME       3)  ;; seconds 
  ;; signup interval for the player-collecting server 
  (define REG-WAIT              (* 60 10)) ;; 10 minutes

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