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Acquire Plan

Your company has settled on the following four-stage development plan.

A Game Test Bed For the first complete product, your team will produce a framework for running competitions among automated players. With this framework, you can simulate complete executions of Acquire games.

The creation of the test bed assumes that the automated players are programmed in the same language (or on the same language platform, e.g., JVM) and that they can be linked into the framework intra-linguistically. To keep the design simple, the players will employ a random strategy.

Rationale A game framework is the smallest, executable artifact that will force the team to develop (1) a full data representation of all fundamental game concepts (tiles, hotels, shares, a game board, banker, etc.), (2) a rule checker and enforcer (which needs to represent the entire state of the game), and (3) a full-fledged player.

The development of the framework will also drive the definition of a player API. With this API, the group will be able to explore both the creation of interactive games as well as the development of game strategies.

Interactive Acquire The second step is to develop an interface to a human player (HCI). At a minimum, this product should enable one human to play against a number of automated players that use a random strategy.

Rationale If the player API is sufficiently rich, creating such an HCI is a small development step. Once such an interface exists, team members can explore the space of game strategies. Instead of a competition of automated players, this variant would also enable a competition of the minds. Most likely, any future competitor will also develop strategies by playing the game against other human players.

A Strategy Test Bed The next step is to develop several different game strategies and to test how these strategies perform against each other.

Rationale Unless many strategies exist, an Acquire competition might not generate much interest. In addition, our company may wish to explore the deployment of a highly competitive strategy. Alternatively, our company may wish to change the rules of the game to enrich the space of game strategies.

In case the company cannot find a rich enough strategy space, it should consider the creation of a purely interactive version of Acquire.com that enables people from around the globe to compete.

Acquire.com In order to deploy the Acquire competition framework, the team must design an external, network-based interface to which automated players can connect.

Rationale If the strategy test bed is properly designed, a reasonably straightforward application of the remote proxy pattern will suffice to create a distributed version of the game. At that point, any automated player that implements the interface protocol can participate.

Acquire.com will be ready to launch.

Note Like all plans, the above is preliminary and it is guaranteed to change as the situation unfolds.

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