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Project 10

Due date: 4/01, 23:59

Objective 1: to implement changes to the rule engine

Objective 2: to plan for changes in the interactions between major components

Task 1: After careful study, your company has decided to modify the rules of Acquire to make games more attractive:

  1. A player may no longer buy arbitrary lots of up to three shares. Instead, it may buy at most two shares for the same hotel chain only.
  2. An automated player may must found a hotel whenever it adds a tile to a region of tiles that do not belong to a hotel chain yet (and a hotel label is available). It remains becomes illegal to place a tile that connects an unassociated region with an existing hotel.
In addition, your company has decided to change three global constants: a player receives $8,000 at the beginning of the game, a hotel is safe if it consists of 12 tiles (or more), and the game ends when one of the hotels consists of 40 tiles.

You may modify and commit the following files in response to these change requests:

  1. For the restriction on share orders, you may change the interface between players and administrators and your strategies.
  2. For the relaxed conditions on a hotel founding, you may again change the player-administrator interface as well as the rule checking engine in internal state and board representations.
  3. For the three global constants, you may change at most one file per constant.
You must add a README10.txt file that describes each change with a one-line purpose statement. If you need to modify any other files, you must justify the modification as either a problem with your design or a problem with my request. We will checkout only those files that are specified in README10.txt

In addition, you must optimize your game tree representation for these new rules. Describe your adaptation in the README.txt file with a separate paragraph.

We will test your project with the test harness (not tests) from project 9, both the game as well as the player query interface for game trees.

Your strategy must buy shares in order of hotels specified. For the first hotel chain for which it can buy one share, it will buy as many as it can afford.

Task 2: In addition to changing the rules, your company plans on changing the protocol of how the game supervisor and the players interact. Your manager has asked you to translate the following ideas into interaction diagrams so that the team can review the complexity of the proposed protocol:

  1. Before the first turn, the administrator shares with players the names of all players, and the tiles they received.
  2. After a turn is over, the administrator informs all players of the actions that the current player has taken: the tile placement, the hotel involved, the shares bought, and the tile handed over to the player (if any).
  3. When a player merges hotels, the administrator asks all players, starting with the current one, whether they wish to retain the shares of the acquired hotel(s) or return them for the current price. A player may not retain a portion of the shares. After these decisions are made, all players are informed of the new state of the game, and the current player completes its turn by sending in a purchase order for shares.

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