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You will work on approximately one project per week. These projects will include writing memos, designing programs/components from scratch, modifying existing programs, etc. Like in the real world, the project descriptions will become available only a short time (typically a week or so) before they are due. This simulates the time pressure you will experience in industry. As you rush to complete your projects, don't forget, however, that performing tasks systematically and looking ahead often makes life easy in the long run.

The main project of the course is to implement a variant of the Ingenious game. A basic description of the game is available through the tab on the left. Don't start implementing just yet, because you don't know what you are to implement.

Pair Programming:

You must work on all projects in pairs. Pair programming means that you do all things together.

Submit your partner's name to Jose Falcon by on Friday, 12 January 2010. In return, you will get account on the Subversion server, which will be your only means to submit projects.


All of your work will live on the Subversion server, organized according to Jose Falcon's instructions. On the specified due date and time, an automatic script will copy the homework project into our space.

Jose Falcon will present the Subversion server and instructions on how to organize your account in class. You must attend this lecture if you wish to get a grade in this course.

For every project you will also turn in a cover page in the first class following the due date. The cover page contains these pieces: the project title, the date, the names of the partners, the signatures of the two partners, the list of points you chose not to pursue. The signatures guarantee that you completed the task without any outside assistance. If we discover plagiarism in any form after that, we will deal with the issue as if we were a company that is being sued because one of its programmers used source code from outside the company without explicit permission of the owner.

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