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Project 13

Due date: 4/13 : NOONM

Objective: (1) to inspect the results of the test fest and (2) to evaluate your choice of programming language

Task 1: Inspect the results of the test fest, and describe the results of your test harness with respect to my test suite in a one-page memo.

Your memo should consist of an enumeration of 15 items. Each item corresponds to one of the test cases. For each test case that your test harnesses passes, simply write "N/A". For each failure of your text harness, explicitly acknowledge the mistake or argue with references to my design document why my test case is flawed.

Please tabulate the number of lines of code, lines of unit tests, the total number of lines, and the ratio of lines of test out of total lines. See Blog for my own count.

Task 2: Write a memo that evaluates your choice of programming language. Your memo should not exceed one page and should address two distinct points:

  1. It should describe three serious flaws in your programming language with respect to any of the "software stories" of projects 2 through 12. If you think that your chosen language is perfect with respect to all tasks, argue why you think so.
  2. It should reflect on the specification of the original language-choice memos. Specifically, argue whether or not the original questions accurately predicted the demands on the language.

Deliverables: Staple your two memos (pages) together and submit them my office by the due date/time. If I am not in my office, slip your print-out under my door.

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