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Project 1

Due date: 1/14 (in class)

Objective: to choose a project programming language

Task: Your group is to implement a project from scratch for a new customer. The project has no connection to any pieces of the existing code base in your company, meaning you are free to choose whatever programming language and programming IDE you wish to use. Your manager has put you in charge of making the choice, justifying the choice, and writing a draft memo, which he will edit and pass on to his manager (replacing your name with his naturally).

Here are the constraints that your manager has spelled out. The chosen language must come with support

  1. for modularity (packages, modules, functors, units)
  2. for automatic unit testing (often called xyzUnit, after the original sUnit)
  3. for reading and writing XML
  4. for dealing with tcp/ip sockets
  5. for constructing graphical user interfaces
In addition, the language/IDE should make easy to write "experimental" or "throw-away" code.

Draft the memo. It is not to exceed a single page (letter format, 11pt font, 16pt base line), including the memo header.

Your grade will depend on the memo format, its English correctness (style, grammar, organization), and the content. `

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